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The products on this site are sold by filmmakers, for filmmakers! They may be handmade, used, or from a personal supplier. Every vendor has a direct contact form on their storefront and can participate in multiple verification processes. All vendors and their products can be reviewed by customers. Online purchases are all about trust. We try to make trusting easier. Plus, if you sign up, we’ll give you your very own Customer Dashboard. Check out our store or sign up today!


Are you interested in selling gear, LUT’s, indies, or anything else film related? Then you’ve come to the right place! Become a vendor and start selling today! Unlike other sites, we have no sign up fee. Once signed up, you will be given your very own storefront here on FilmLocal; including  a Vendor Dashboard to act as your control room filled with your store’s analytics, products, orders, and tons of other useful tools. You can even add videos to show off your items. Selling gear worldwide has never been easier!

Secure Payments​

All of your payments between you and the vendor are completely safe! We use Paypal to ensure your money is sent securely to us and none of your personal information is compromised. Secondly, we have additional protection with our SSL certificate. That’s why there’s a little lock in your URL bar. Go encryption! Finally, we have a system in place for fraudulent purchases so we can protect both customers and vendors!

Refunds & Shipping

All vendors have their own rules and regulations in regard to their refund policy and shipping policy. Be sure to review them prior to your purchase so you and your vendor can work everything out before money is involved. This will minimize the potential conflict between the both of you. Plus you’ll have a better sense of when and how your product will arrive. Don’t worry though, we’re always here as backup!

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